LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

The opening hole is also the toughest hole on the course! Its not really what you want to play first, as it does not allow you to settle in easily – but hey life is not easy !! The tee box is elevated & set about 0.5 kms away from the clubhouse in the direction of the hills. From the tee box the landing area is not easy to spot as there is a huge elevation drop. From the back tees its a blind tee shot. Once you get to the forward tees you have some idea of how the landing area looks like. The best line to play is between the 2 bunkers that define the fairway on either side. Going way right or way left is BIG trouble off the tee. The objective is to keep your ball in play rather than go long -so if need be use a 3 wood OR a rescue off the tee. Going too long – 300 plus brings the hazard that runs across the fairway into play ( You cannot see this again off the Tee box). Once you are safely in the fairway your second shot is in line with the green to a wide fairway. Lay up for position so that you have a easy 3rd shot into the green. The green is uphill & guarded by bunkers on the left & in the front right. Do not err on the right on your second as the conifer tree line & beyond is trouble. Your 3rd shot will typically be a wedge to a large green that slopes from back to front. Aim for the center of the green, as with an uphill shot, distance control is important & attacking the pin is not usually the best option.

HINT: Off the Tee make sure you aim to be in the fairway. Will give you a good start to the round.
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