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How to play

This hole is a welcome respite after the first hole. You tee off from a slightly elevated tee box to a fairway that has a hazard running across at about 200 yards from the back tees. The conifer trees on the left of the tee box obscure the view of the fairway bunkers on the left. The fairway slopes down & then after the hazard rises uphill & goes slightly dogleg left all the way to the green. Right of the landing area is again a hazard/ rough area you do not want to be in – as you could lose your ball or find it almost impossible to get it out. Be aggressive off the tee as distance matters on this hole. You need to carry the hazard irrespective of which tee box you use to par this hole easily. Your second is a slightly uphill shot to a wide green that has bunkers on either side for protection. Do not go long when you attack this green. The green slopes sharply from back to front & reading the pace of a downhill chip or putt will be a challenge.

HINT: Off the Tee make sure you avoid the right hand side of the fairway. That is your best bet to make a birdie on this hole.
  • Black 401
  • Blue 374
  • White 362
  • Red 337