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How to play

This Par 3 hole has a large body of water in front of the tee box. While this hole may look daunting because of the carry over water it is not that difficult to play. Thats because the water ends a good 10 to 15 yards short of the green & that is enough of a buffer zone to be aggressive on this hole. Not long from the Black or Blue tees at just 178 & 153 yards respectively the green on this medium length par 3 hole is wide & receptive. Two bunkers guard the green – one behind & on the left & the other at the extreme front right. You really need to hit a very poor tee shot to find the bunker. The green slopes slightly from back to front. A good opportunity for a birdie.

HINT: Be aggressive on this hole. Factor for the wind when you select your club off the tee.
  • Black 178
  • Blue 153
  • White 128
  • Red 100