LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

A long Par 5 this hole is best played as a 3 shot hole. Off the tee box the landing area for your drive has trouble running all along the left & the road runs across the fairway at about 300 yards. Going way right is also trouble off the tree plus a fairway bunker runs along the right to catch a errant drive. Aim to be center fairway. The hole is a slight dogleg left after this & the ideal line is to lay up slightly right center of the fairway – the fairway has a gentle uphill lie all through. Play a long iron or a 5 wood /rescue to layup so that you can attack the pin with your third. Your 3rd is into a wide green that is elevated with a large bunker guarding the right front /center. Do not go long on this green.

HINT: Your drive off the tee box is important as errors here will compound your problems on this hole. The landing area is actually much wider than it looks off the tee box.
  • Black 574
  • Blue 537
  • White 500
  • Red 465