LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

A relatively easy Par 4 hole this is a dogleg right design. Off the tee trees run along the right. The Tiger line is over the edge of these trees – the safe line is a straight drive parallel to the trees. Going left of the tee is trouble as a thicket of trees along the left makes recovery an issue. Fairway bunkers are strategically placed to grab the errant drive. Your second is a mid iron/ long iron to a wide green that is guarded by bunkers on the front, front left & the back. The right of the green is devoid of any protection & a draw would be the ideal shot into this green. A possible birdie opportunity this hole is a scoring opportunity.

HINT: Be aggressive off the tee box as a good drive will allow you to attack the pin unless its tucked into the left of the green. A left position is not easy to attack. Factor for head winds or cross winds on your 2nd shot into the green.
  • Black 399
  • Blue 369
  • White 346
  • Red 319